LAMS in Schools Showcase 2009

Welcome to the inaugural LAMS in Schools Showcase webpage.

The Showcase will be held at the ICT Innovations Centre, Macquarie University on Wednesday, 17th June, 2009.

Optional LAMS training workshops have also been scheduled for the day following the Showcase (18th June, 2009).

The LAMS in Schools Showcase is being held at the request of teachers, school administrators and university lecturers who have expressed an interest in seeing how LAMS is being used in classrooms throughout the country.  The emphasis for the day will be on practical LAMS demonstrations. These will be informal sessions that provide all those attending an opportunity to discuss the work being shown.

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News - Call for Presentations is now open

We are pleased to invite classroom teachers to submit presentation proposals for the 2009 LAMS in Schools Showcase.  Email your presentation ideas to before Monday, 4th May, 2009. If you would like to chat about a presentation idea, phone Leanne on 02 9850 4142 or email

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Why Schools are using LAMS:

Collaborative sequences can be adapted and shared
Build a library of best practice collaborative sequences that can be used in many subject areas, and easily adapted through the visual drag and drop authoring environment. This delivers the dual benefit of saving time and allowing you to utilise best practice and adapt it for your own particular purposes.

Intuitive tools and user interface
The universal response from users is that LAMS is easy to use and can lead to a very high level of student engagement in the activities.

Easily sequence collaborative learning activities online
You can manage and co-ordinate large groups of students simultaneously and engage as an active participant in real time while the system runs the activities.

LAMS uses all the advantages of internet technology. There is no desktop software for users to install LAMS, it runs through your internet browser and connects you automatically to your class with real-time communication in a pedagogically sound and structured way.

Live monitoring of students
The ability to actively facilitate groups and individuals from the monitoring console means your time is applied most effectively guiding and mentoring your students as they grapple with the tasks of the curriculum.

What they are saying about LAMS use in schools?

“Assisting students to select information from the web and use it effectively, is an area that poses difficulties for teachers. LAMS allows the teacher to superimpose step by step instructions on selected web pages so that the students' learning can be more closely guided. There is also a monitoring system that enables teachers to look at individual student responses to any task and indicates exactly what each student has completed.”

Teacher/Librarian, NSW

“While other learning management systems provide tools for communication, and for the uploading and delivery of content, they do not provide tools which help to sequence and run activities.”

Secondary English Teacher, Vic

“A strong feature of the LAMS design is the way it enables collaboration between students. The activity sequences that are constructed require each student to participate.”

Senior university academic, NSW

“One of the most commonly mentioned benefits of LAMS is the ease in which teachers are able to develop re-usable online lessons in a fraction of the time taken in other Content Management Systems. The drag and drop authoring environment is an excellent tool to complement face to face teaching and learning and as an added bonus is an “Open Source” application.”

Secondary School Administrator, Qld


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** Cost of the day will be $40+GST per person to cover catering **

** Cost of LAMS Workshops will be $140+GST per person **

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